How an HR Advisor Can Boost Your Company’s Productivity

The HR department of a company is usually one that sees a lot of ups and downs. A good HR advisor is absolutely crucial to help smooth out the kinks and keep the system running smoothly. One of the biggest advantages in bringing in experts from outside, like from Augment, is that we are able to remain independent and unbiased in our assessment and involvement.


Here are some roles than an HR advisor can play in your organization:

  1. An HR advisor is often called in to act as an intermediary between business departments and sections.


  1. An advisor will be able to make excellent recommendations regarding recruiting decisions, based on years of their expertise. This will ensure that you always pick the right people for your team, maximising your efficiency and your output. They can also offer recommendations on payroll-related issues.


  1. They can also conduct or arrange interviews, and hold training sessions for new and existing employees.


  1. The advisor can streamline and enhance existing HR strategies, work to improve employee relations, open dialogue between the management and employees, and smooth out any emerging conflict. They can mediate grievance procedures, as well as investigate employee disciplinary actions.


  1. They can create exhaustive and precise reports regarding HR strategies and practices that summarize current processes, with suggestions for improvements.


  1. They review, edit, update and offer suggestions regarding existing HR policies to make most of the economic climate. They can also assist in ensuring that the company’s core values are always centered and adhered to in the day-to-day functioning of the company.


  1. With advanced knowledge in state and federal employment laws, the HR advisor will be able to offer sound advice regarding any queries you have.


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