How can accounting supervision help your business?

Accounting supervision is one of the most crucial services that are offered to companies today. But what does it entail? And how does it help the client? With accounting supervision, instead of outsourcing your bookkeeping, you can begin to move towards in-house accounting.

Accounting supervision can include:

  1. Preparing, modifying and implementing the corporate chart of accounts
  2. Offering advice and/or preparing a list of potential errors in the account assignment and transaction records
  3. Can train, assist and supervise the company accountant
  4. Outsourced payroll processing
  5. Consolidation of accounts
  6. Checking or preparing the documentation for the financial statement and its final approval
  7. Assistance in work management and task allocation to accounting department employees
  8. Assistance in case of examining the ledgers by auditors
  9. Preparation and mapping of Chart of accounts
  10. Professional support and assistance in case of tax control and other dealings with the tax authorities
  11. Supervision of cash records, without assuming the responsibility for the actual state of company cash register
  12. Accounting Supervision
  13. Cash flow projections and budgeting
  14. Full time & Part time accounting and Bookkeeping services
  15. MIS and periodic reports to top management
  16. Software selection, installation, conversions and support
  17. Compilation and maintenance of fixed assets register
  18. Verification of inventory
  19. Supervision of fixed and intangible assets records, and of the depreciation plan;
  20. Devising the company’s accounting policy to be accepted by the Board
  21. Checking the turnover and balance sheets after the closure of each month and checking the validity of entering the accounting documents into the books
  22. Offering advice on balancing the appropriate accounts

An experienced team of professionals can provide a complete range of accounting and book keeping services while keeping the costs at a minimum. It is important to make sure that whoever is handling your accounting supervision be familiar with the latest and most efficient software, and are able to offer solutions, ideas and analysis to their clients. We at Augment can promise this and more. So, give us a call today.