Why is Document Management Important for Your Business

With improved business opportunities and growth in sales and revenue, your business will start seeing an increase in important documents. These can be mainly emails, proposals, service agreements, invoices, receipts etc. If your business is a multi location based business, then documents are going to be used by people across the different locations for collaboration and communication.

Communication issues are present even in the smallest offices when they are unable to find the right document at the right time. Without a systematic and organized plan to manage a company’s documents, it becomes almost impossible to find the right document when you need it. The results of a poor document management system can lead to a significant loss of time and money. Even worse, the lack of a good document management system reflects poorly on the service quality of your organization.

So, what exactly is document management? According to the leading document management software service provider iDatix, “document management encompasses the processes and procedures your organization uses as it pertains to capturing, storing, securing and retrieving information on a daily basis,” a process that can be simplified with the right support team to help with your document management system.

In the United Arab Emirates, businesses usually happen with a lot of paperwork and documents involved. So, what do you do with all the documentation once the order comes through? The usual practice in the UAE is to file it in a box folder and shelf life it till the project is over. However, with the introduction of new technologies and document management systems, the process of archiving and creating an organized pattern to store data is becoming a requirement.

The main reasons why you should be engaging a document management system are;

  • You need a central repository for all your major documents which are accessible as and when required.
  • A good document management system is required to keep your confidential business information safe and secure.
  • Several good document management systems have easy access from any location.
  • Rather than paper clips and color tags, digitizing your document management system will keep it more organized with folders and sub folders which make it easier to locate, organize and retrieve.
  • Employee efficiency is improved as they will function more effectively on more important business matters.
  • With digitized document management systems, you will be able to monitor who has viewed, edited or modified any document within your organization.

The process of digitizing and archiving important documents is a monotonous and tedious task which requires a lot of patience and vigil. Since it is a time consuming task, companies often tend to outsource it to other organizations. Augment Management Consultancy has a team of document management and archiving experts who work round the clock to ensure data is stored securely and organized appropriately so that you will not lose valuable business hours trying to organize the documentation at your office.