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How Business Intelligence can help in transforming your business!!

Key trends in business are often missed out by business owners and managers, despite the fact that, with more time and more resources to dedicate to it, they might have been able to spot them. In a world driven and dominated by data, it is more important than ever for businesses to understand how to create more value from the data being captured at various levels.

Businesses that rely on traditional spreadsheet summaries and presentations may miss-out on important performance indicators due to the rigid nature of the analysis and reporting. Business intelligence (BI) makes use of software and services to convert data into useful insights that influence the strategic and tactical business choices of a company.


Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, data analysis using tools such Power BI allows users to have dashboards that can provide in-depth understanding of the state of the business easily, due to its interactive interface.

BI tools can analyze large data sets to provide analytical findings that are easy to comprehend. It can be applied in almost all areas of the business including sales KPIs, trend analysis, inventory analysis, tracking of receivables, employee productivity, performance management etc.


Fact-based analytics helps businesses to attend to issues quickly, identify opportunities and efficiently handle sensitive situations – all of which will ultimately help in increasing the profitability of the company significantly.

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